State of the RPG Industry

So how is the RPG industry doing, anyway?   (Besides WotC trying to run people out of business with their ill-advised plans to eliminate the OGL in 4e with a much more restrictive scheme.)

Well, several of the companies out there like to share!  So here’s some compiled information from several gaming companies about how they did in 2007 and what they plan for 2008.

Green Ronin Publishing – – Three-part “New Year’s Message from the President” – Mutants & Masterminds, True20, Song of Ice & Fire, and Freeport.  Not too much in terms of hard numbers, though.

Atlas Games – – Top Ten Lists for 2007 (only one RPG product, Houses of Hermes: Societates, makes the list).  Gloom apparently is a huge, huge line for them.  Hard numbers in terms of the lists, but no real sales figures.

Titan Games – – Marcus King, a game store owner, writes a column at about his experiences with his store.

It’s not much, but it’s what I could find…  I’m asking around on and will update this post if I find any more good info!

My one anecdotal bit of information was from a local game store owner, who sees the period between the 4e announcement and the 4e launch being quite a “I hope I don’t go out of business!” period.

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