RPGs for free!

I came across a couple old RPGs that had gone out of print and then been made available for free on the Web by their owners, and I asked around on RPG.net and got a lot more!  I wanted to make the list available here for two reasons.

  1. To let people know where to get some free games, especially nostalgia-triggering ones like Star Frontiers (my first RPG!), Marvel Super Heroes, and more.
  2. To give some kind of karmic credit to the companies and authors that are making these available for free once they’re not able to make money off them, as opposed to spitefully sitting on them as so many do.

Please note this is a list of legally available games only, not torrent sites or other pirate stuff (as best as I can tell).  It’s also only for games that used to be for sale and are now free; there’s plenty of other lists of “made for free” RPGs out there on the Web.  It’s also not “Lite,” “free,” or “SRD” versions of pay games, though I may post later with a list of those.

The List of Now Free RPGs

Know of more?  Hit me up, I’d love to add them to the list!

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