DriveThroughRPG GM Day Sale

In honor of “GM’s Day”, (aka is having a pretty decent sale.  If you haven’t used them, they sell a huge variety of RPGs in PDF – you can get old out of print D&D, Traveller, etc. as well as the newest releases from a wide variety of game companies.  Goes through tomorrow, March 7th.  What did I get,  you ask?

  • Issues of Buccaneers & Bokor, a zine for Skull & Bones and/or other semi-historical piracy games, from Adamant Entertainment
  • Against the Reich, for the indie game octaNe – the “psychotronic game of post-apocalyptic trash-culture America”

  • ’45 Hotrod Retrocalypse, a psychobilly game that looks like it’ll dovetail well with octaNe
  • Two Macho Women with Guns adventures, “The Sex Presidents” and “Adolf Hitler, Porn Star” (best game supplement name ever) also to scavenge for octaNe
  • Weekend Warriors, a modern military horror scenario for Savage Worlds, from 12 to Midnight, Inc
  • Unbidden, a modern horror RPG from Politically Incorrect Games

And somehow, it’s still D&D I end up playing.  Sigh.

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