The Turku School

You’ve gotta love those crazy Nordic types!  I was reading through some links on roleplayng theory and came across the “Turku School of Roleplaying!”   It uses quotes from the Communist Manfesto!  It has a Vow of Chastity!   I expected it to mention Swedenborg Space but it didn’t.

I generally sympathize with its aims, which is the promotion of immersive roleplay and simulationism over the dramatist and gamist approaches.  (I personally am simulationist with a side of dramatist, but find gamism gauche).   If you don’t know what I’m talking about, these are terms from the Threefold Model of roleplaying developed by John Kim and others.

My favorite quote: “In the United States the gamists are trying to de-evolve role-playing back into moving little pieces of plastic on a board, but even in that world of darkness the Turku School sheds light to the eläytyjist movement.”

True, so true….

One response to “The Turku School

  1. Immersion’s big in Finland. I’m not that much into, personally.

    There is a series of columns on that broach the subject. The comment threads are amusing.

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