More 4e Suck

As I was afraid of.  Here’s a preview of the Succubus and Malebranche from 4e.  Like “marking”, they’ve layered up the malebranche with a bunch of powers that are very hard to describe or explain from a true role-playing point of view – what do these mean in the game world?  They’re just ‘move the minis’ powers.

(r) Besieged Foe (minor; at-will)
Ranged sight; automatic hit; the target is marked, and allies of the war devil gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls made against the target until the encounter ends or the war devil marks a new target.

(r) Fiendish Tactics (minor; recharge 5 6 )
Ranged 10; affects up to 2 allied devils of the war devil’s level or lower; each target can take a move action or make a basic attack.

I can explain a charm, a teleport, a fireball.  But now everything has random powers designed not to make sense in a RP setting but instead to maximize things minis can do on a game board.

And malebranche were always horned devils – now they’re “war devils.”  Why?  Is that a kewler name?  What in the world is the motivation to change things like that?  And the language they speak – “Supernal.”  May as well call it “teh ghey.”

I like the sidebar of “pit fiends through the ages,” the progression is telling.  1e, 2e, 3e, “Miniature,” and 4e.  I guess 4e really is a post-minis game.

OK, I’m officially off any semblance of a fence – 4e sucks donkey balls.

4 responses to “More 4e Suck

  1. Most people on Enworld were complaining about the succubus.
    What “language” they speak come on that’s just fluff in any edition.
    The selection of powers does make a little sense. They’re like generals/bosses (OK, MMO tie in there) ordering and inspiring their mooks. The ability to move your opponents creates a few interesting tactical options. Just my opinion but it looks like the MM entries are designed just from a combat perspective and not from an RP one. Just leave that part up to the GM.
    I ain’t trying to defend 4th Ed just trying to keep an open mind. From what I’ve seen so far, it’ll probably be OK, just nothing ground breaking or innovative. I’m still not happy about WOTC’s mishandling of the GSL.

  2. Mmm, not with ya there. It’s one thing to just do rules and have the “DM put the RP on top.” It’s another to have rules that have no simulationist justification.
    And sure, it’s fluff in any edition, but it seems like they’re changing stuff from 3e just out of spite, not for any good reason. Is “Supernal” a better idea than “Infernal?” No. D&D is a game where the multiple versions are not (supposed to be) standalone. This isn’t changing a ruleset like with 2e to 3e, it’s crapping all over any established material – game worlds, adventures, NPCs, etc. Why change the fluff? Especially so much? And to make it dumber?

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  4. Couldn’t agree more with the OP. 4E makes 3rd edition and pathfinder by extension better and better all the time. 4E is such a rip off of MMO’s it is not even funny. At-Will-Powers are annoying and Daily Powers are weaksauce. When you can’t take out a non-minion kobold with your daily power at 1rst level there is something wrong with the system. When you can’t take out a kobold with your 5th level daily power the system is just broken.

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