Clark Peterson is a Flip-Flopper!!!

Just kidding, Clark, we love you.  But one of the third party RPG publishers who had been a big booster of D&D 4e, WotC, and their new licensing direction with D&D fourth edition, Clark Peterson of Necromancer Games, has announced that Necro will NOT be signing the GSL!

Clark’s a lawyer, and apparently some time with the real GSL, even though he is all about saying how Scott and Linae from Wizards are great people and trying their best and and… made him decide that it’s not an acceptable license for someone to sign on to.  He’s careful to say he’s not bashing Wizards and is working with them to fix the GSL, but for now – no signies.

Throughout this entire debate Clark has been very friendly to Wizards (giving them way too much benefit of the doubt IMO, though that may just be in public for relationship purposes) but even he’s not willing to sign this piece of garbage.  This should be a wake-up call to Wizards – not that it will be.  They lost Paizo, the people who published Dungeon and Dragon magazines.  They lost Green Ronin, who published the very first adventure for 3e.  They lost a whole list of other companies who had previously lived to put out D&D-compatible products.  They’ve proved completely deaf to any criticism of their brilliant new plan in the face of its colossal failure.

This comes after most other reputable RPG companies have also turned their back on the GSL, or decided to publish for 4e without it, and after all the initial furor when it was released.

2 responses to “Clark Peterson is a Flip-Flopper!!!

  1. Heh, and in a followup, in the thread regarding the announcement on Necromancer Games’ site, Troll Lord Games says that they wouldn’t touch the GSL “with a ten foot cattleprod”.

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