James Jacobs Interview

Kobold Quarterly, Wolfgang Baur’s D&D magazine, has a good if short interview with James Jacobs, editor-in-chief of Paizo Publishing and mastermind behind their outstanding Pathfinder adventures, setting of Golarion, and Pathfinder RPG.

For those of you who have been lving in a cave, the Pathfinder adventures, stemming from the Adventure Paths from Dragon Magazine while Paizo ran it, are the best D&D adventures ever for my money.  And the Pathfinder RPG is an attempt to move forward with the open gaming D&D 3e source and make something less hideous than what 4e has turned into – and it’s an open beta, so the gaming community can actuallly help shape the rules, and not just take whatever corp-devised mummery someone wants to stick down your craw.  And Golarion is the only setting to capture my imagination since Greyhawk.  So check out the interview!


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