Student’s For McCain

I’ve been wanting to post about this for such a long time.  And this awesome McCain campaign foulup pushed me over the edge.

One of the most frequent and annoying grammatical issues among RPG authors is a complete inability to use the apostrophe.

Apostrophes are for some possessives, e.g. the boy’s hat.  And for contractions, like “he’s going to the store.”  But that’s it.  <– oo look another.  I know “its” is confusing.  No apostrophe for the possessive (its tentacles), just the contraction (it’s too much).

Not for plurals.  Ever.  No.  Stop it.  You sound like a retard.  Just stop.  I will start posting violators in the List of Shame in the comments section of this post.  You all are welcome to do the same!  Forum posts aren’t fair, just examples from “official” RPG communication – published products, product descriptions in stores, formal announcements, like that.

3 responses to “Student’s For McCain

  1. I must apologize. I saw the title and immediately came to chastise and correct you, but at least it got me here–because now I can applaud you for trying to get everyone to stop doing it!

  2. I tell people that if they’re uncertain about adding an apostrophe, just DON’T. Leaving it out looks a lot less retarded than putting it in the wrong place …

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