Mongoose Publishing – State of the Mongoose

I love it when RPG companies open the kimono a little, and Mongoose has just thrust theirs wide open, revealing their tumescent bulk for all to see!  (Enjoy that image.)

In their State of the Mongoose 2008 post, they have gone into a fascinating amount of detail on what they’re up to.  It’s very, very positive stuff!  Some high points, from the biggest first:

  • They have been bought by the Rebellion Group, a huge UK software developer, which gets them access to loads of properties and not having to do BS overhead work
  • They plan to double in size and see the industry, at least on their side of the pond, as doing great
  • They are putting out a Babylon 5 universe guide but then not renewing the license, as it’s just a bit too old and unpopular
  • They are moving towards, not away from, full color and hardback in their products
  • Traveller is doing super for them and they have loads of very long term plans for it
  • They plan on moving Traveller as an engine into many other settings, including Hammer’s Slammers, Judge Dredd, and Strontium Dog
  • They’re revamping their Paranoia line because the supplements aren’t selling well
  • They’re going to put a lot more into RuneQuest
  • 4e D&D sales have been underwhelming, besides Wraith Recon and some Quintessential books they don’t plan anything for it (Conan is staying 3.5e)
  • They will be publishing some old/new Gygax crap like Lejendary Adventures

And lots of other good stuff!  They really do have a huge number of game lines going on and seem to be very bullish about the future.  It’s good to see someone doing well and I’m excited myself about some of the games, especially Hammer’s Slammers.

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