Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger

I’m back from Thanksgiving and just have the time for a drive-by post, so here’s a roundup of some recent stuff in Stephen Colbert style!

A tip of my hat to Erik Mona, who has just finally written a Paizo Adventure Path installment – “Howl of the Carrion King,” the first in the new Legacy of Fire AP!  Erik’s always done great stuff and all the Paizo APs are great, so this is two great tastes that taste great together.

A wag of my finger to Matt Snyder, who in closing up his “Chimera Creative Publishing” has decided to no longer make his RPGs available in any way, PDF, whatnot.  His right?  Probably.  Being a big ol’ drama queen?  Definitely.

And another wag of my finger to Gen Con, which is in the final throes of bankruptcy and has some new owner waiting in the wings.  Only a light wag, because who knows, it might be better afterwards.

A bigger wag of my finger to the RPGPundit, whose hatred of Ron Edwards has caused him to launch a large ad hominem attack on him and his CV on his blog.  Yes yes Pundit, we get it, you hate him.  The penis-size-comparison posts about RPGsite hits vs FORGE hits were on the line, but this is over it.

And in closing a tip of my hat to Goodman Games.  I was never a fan of their Dungeon Crawl Classics – I’m definitely not a “retro” gamer who longs for the days of pointless magical chess puzzle/traps and the like.  When I heard they were doing some licensed Cthulhu adventures, I thought “eek…”  But apparently they are true pros and not a one trick pony over there, because the first revew of Death in Luxor seems to indicate that they’re doing some good straight-up Cthulhu mods.  It’s about time; Delta Green is the only thing in oh say 20 frickin years that’s not a retread of the same stuff (Chaosium, do something new someday!!!).  So yay for that!

2 responses to “Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger

  1. In related news, Gen Con told the mystery acquisition group to suck it.

  2. And in more news (courtesy ICv2), the offer was from Anthony Gallela, acting executive director of GAMA! Hmm, that seems to have some cred to it…

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