Aces & Eights – Still Kicking!

The Kenzer & Co. Wild West game Aces & Eights has been keeping a low profile despite taking Origins RPG of the Year and the silver Best RPG ENNie.  I got the game once it came onto my radar screen and was very impressed.  But I’ve been wondering where the game’ll go – I hear zero buzz on it, and there’s only a couple products out so far.

But on the Kenzer forums, good news is heard – loads of new products!   In fact, David Kenzer says “2009 is mostly about Aces & Eights product.”  In the hopper are:

  • The Shootist’s Guide (aka target silhouettes and hunting book)
  • GM Shield (likely a [faux] leather shield)
  • Trouble on the Sequoyah Star (train adventure)
  • Fool’s Gold (adventure)
  • Men of Sloan (adventure)

I can’t wait!  I declare 2009 Year of the Western.  It is really a very good game and the genre hasn’t gotten much love lately.  I wish Kenzer and the game the best, and will try to corral some folks into playing it soon!

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