RPG Superstar 2009 Round One – Results Are In!

Paizo Publishing is holding their second RPG Superstar contest to find some new talent out there in gamer-land.  The first round, where hundreds of folks submitted wondrous items for the judges’ perusal, is over and the top 32 have been selected!  Go check ’em out.

Sadly, I’m not one of them.  So to avoid waste, here is my entry!  Taking prisoners is always so hard in D&D.  If someone may be a spellcaster, it’s hard to argue that they can be safely kept alive.  I’ve been in many a party that’s tried to interrogate a captured enemy; bound hand and foot, with a dagger to their throat in case they utter any arcane syllable.  Then can you really leave them lying around?  This item helps solve that problem.

Aura moderate abjuration, enchantment; CL 6th
Slot hands, feet; Price 13,000 gp; Weight 5 lb.

This linked pair of adamantine masterwork wrist manacles and ankle fetters traditionally has the symbol of Abadar stamped deeply on each of its four cuffs.
A creature bound by the shackles is considered to be entangled. These shackles magically silence a bound creature; this effect may be turned on and off by their captor at will. When not silenced, the bound subject is forced to give only truthful answers to questions as if inside a zone of truth. Lastly, the individual binding the wearer can issue suggestions (as the spell, with a six hour duration but no save) to the bound creature at will. These magical effects still function even if the leg fetters are removed (or both cuffs attached to one leg, a usual solution if the bound creature is required to travel under its own power).
They fit any Small to Large creature. The DC to break or slip out of the shackles is 30.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, silence, zone of truth, suggestion; Cost 6,500 gp

6 responses to “RPG Superstar 2009 Round One – Results Are In!

  1. rorschachhamster

    Well, they should be more expensive or give the target a saving throw for every suggestion, imo. This would make for some good roleplay, too. Is the captive really under the influence of a suggestion spell or does he try to bluff the characters? And it wouldn’t leave the characters totally f***ed, when they end up in this shackles. Just my two cents. But they are euro cents, so, you know, about three cents US… ;P

  2. rorschachhamster

    Well, dimensional anchor is more like a passive effect and no active influence of the target… but ok, they would be a little dangerous in the hands of the right (or wrong) person (PC or NPC) is all what I’m saying. 🙂

  3. I do agree, I think that the Suggestion and Zone of Truth effects should allow saving throws. With no saves, the manacles seem far too cheap.

    Dimensional Anchor doesn’t normally allow a save anyhow, so I can see that.

    Overall, even with saves, I think it’s too cheap. A ‘continuous’ zone of truth is worth around 12,000 GP by itself. Dimensional Anchor is even crazier, being a 4th level spell, and should be priced around 72,000 GP. Suggestion should probably be around 40,000 GP or so.

    This is just going by the magic item creation guidelines, which I understand are sketchy. The point is, 13,000 GP is extraordinarily cheap. Compared to other items around its price (a monk’s robe, gem or brightness, lyre of building) it just seems to do much much more. Even with the stipulation that they need to be placed on your target, grappling them to do so doesn’t seem all too difficult. 🙂

  4. Actually, I forgot to account for the duration of the original spell. This would increase the price of the zone of truth to 24,000, increase Dimensional Anchor to a whopping 144,000, while the Suggestion would remain at the same price.

    Again, it’s the ‘magic item creation guidelines’ which aren’t always right, but the suggestion that a continuous Zone of Truth cost more than 13,000 gp should imply something.

  5. Of course, make it only useable on 1 target per day, and the suggested price drops from an incredible 208,000 down to 41,600 gp. 🙂

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