Second Curse of the Crimson Throne “Escape From Old Korvosa” Session Summary Posted

Things get hot and heavy in Part II of Escape from Old Korvosa.  Annata, Malcolm, and Thorndyke venture into the belly of the beast.  We go to stay at Palace Arkona and decide to do some snooping!  We suck at that, but luckily Lord Arkona seems to be in our corner.

We traverse a weirdo Cube dungeon.  It’s kinda cool, and the decorators knew how to carry a motif, though the proliferation of symbols is more annoying than dangerous.  And finally, we find Vencarlo – or DO we?!?

And then, we find out how three level 8 adventurers fare against CR10 and CR12 opponents – at the same time!

2 responses to “Second Curse of the Crimson Throne “Escape From Old Korvosa” Session Summary Posted

  1. Did your DM tell you the details behind that ‘plant’ guy that was resistant to fire? Descriptively, I remember the picture showing them as large skeletons with a few mushrooms on them. They were resistant to fire because they were originally janni, and the mushrooms were part of the ‘fungus’ template that made them ‘plant’.

    By themselves, I think plants would only be vulnerable to fire if they were wholly and truly a plant creature, like made of wood and leaves. These guys could easily be confused with undead as they were mostly a skeleton.

    Another good read though! Interesting what your DM did with the Dark Sphinx and the female Rakshasa. In our game the Sphinx attacked as soon as the Symbol of Sleep hit, and the party had to retreat and come back later. While they rested, ‘Vencarlo’ came to visit and eventually fought them out by the ship. Flying in the middle and shooting Scorching Rays.

    Until our Druid decided to get Fly cast on him and wild-shape into a T-Rex.

    That was fun for our resident artist to draw.

  2. Hey! No, didn’t know about the janni bit. Although I would think dying and getting turned into a plant creature wouldn’t quite inherit resistances… But that’s 3.x templating for ya.

    Yeah, the sphinx and rakshasa hitting us both at once was a real corker. At least it was in a narrow area with no room to maneuver. Without our sorcerer we don’t have flying magic.

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