Alternity Campaign Gets Underway!

We ran an early first session of our new Alternity sci-fi campaign, The Lighthouse.   Let’s meet the characters!

We only had three players, and each player has two PCs but only plays one at a time.  For this demo session, our heroes were:

Dr. Adun Zelnaga, the head of the xenobiology and treatment wing of the Galindus Medical Center on Deck 196 of the Lighthouse.  Adun is a fraal, a psionic alien race that look like traditional Greys.  He’s a gifted surgeon and xenomedicine expert, in addition to his psychic abilities.  The doc is played by Peco, a new player to the group.

Ten-zil Kem, VoidCorp ambassador, a corporate asset assigned to protect the interests of Voidcorp in the verge.  VoidCorp is a stellar nation that’s a huge evil corporation, like Microsoft meets Time Warner meets… every other evil corporation.  Kem is also a mole for the upstart VoidCorp competitor, Insight.  He’s a bit of a rich playboy (think Tony Stark).  With a bit of a hacker side to him.  Ten-Zil Kem is played by Chris, long term fan favorite.

Kem has risen through the Voidcorp ranks by latching on lamprey style to rising stars, then stepping aside when those careers faltered. Described as vapid, greedy, and treacherous by his rivals in the Voidcorp diplomatic corps, Kem has managed to instill respect if not like in his subordinates as well as his opposites in the diplomatic community.

Distinguishing characteristics:

  • Barcode on left side of face, cheek. Left-over from the “prove your loyalty to VoidCorp” fad/craze/McCarthyistic pogrom of 10 yrs ago.
  • Dresses in the latest fashions, sometimes pushing the boundaries into “pimpdom”.
  • Attracted to bright, shiny, expensive objects.
  • Attracted to bright, shiny, and occasionally expensive members of the opposite sex.
  • Buys expensive toys, plays with them, gets bored with them, and re-gifts them.

Markus Oroszlan, bartender of the Corner, the biggest, bestest bar and casino for locals on the Lighthouse.  He’s also a Thuldan warlion.  Thuldan warlions are human mutants engineered by the Thuldan Empire and crossed with lion DNA to be powerful shock troops.  Markus did his time there and has retired to the Lighthouse and the Verge to tend bar.  Well, and to traffic in arms.  The Concord tries to keep weapons out of the Verge, which means they are extremely lucrative.  Markus is my character!

Besides looking a bit like a lion, Markus has a huge “IX” tattooed on his chest to indicate his former membership in the IX Legion (Rapax).  Scars of various vintages criss-cross his hugely muscled body.

In our adventure, Markus,  Ten-Zil, and the doc take leave of the Lighthouse for a lovely beach vacation on Bluefall, in the Aegis system.  Then we’re beset by cyborgs, warlions, and sharks with FRICKIN’ LASER BEAMS ATTACHED TO THEIR HEADS!!!!  Read all about it in The Lighthouse, Session 1!

2 responses to “Alternity Campaign Gets Underway!

  1. Are you using the Alternity rules? I love the Star*Fall setting but really don’t like the Alternity rules and so ended up using FATE when I’ve dipped my toe in to the setting.

  2. Yep! In fact, click through that first “The Lighthouse” link to the campaign page and I go into the ruleset/house rules, the setting, etc. in more depth.

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