Savage Worlds “Empire of Ashes” Campaign Concluded

The eighth and final session summary’s posted from our short Savage Worlds homebrew campaign, “Empire of Ashes.”  Our “heroes” follow the cursed Black Pearl to the Ancient Warlock Plantation Home and kill the heck out of undeads, and face a death knight/lich/ancient warlock kind of guy!

Bruce, our erstwhile session scribe, closes us out with these immortal words.

Lord Versane proclaims, “All’s well that ends well! Now, where have those naughty scullery maids run off to?” The others laugh uproariously. And in the darkness, the zombies scratch against the windows and lurk among the blighted trees.

Don’t worry, if you want more Savage Molesting, we’ve already started a new SW campaign, Legends of Steel!

2 responses to “Savage Worlds “Empire of Ashes” Campaign Concluded

  1. If the Legends of Steel game is half as fun to play as it is to read, you must be having a blast. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks! It is definitely at least half as fun. 🙂

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