I Return! Eat My Links!

Whew.  Sorry it’s been a bit without a post, Devoted Readers.  I went to a (work) convention in California for a week and then my hard drive at home totally failed; I’m posting from a borrowed laptop.  And I’ve been busy in general otherwise (Father’s Day, a campaign finale, prepping to host an upcoming gathering on the Fourth…).   But here’s some little tidbits to tide you over till I can get to you with more!

Read what may be the best RPG review ever, Darren MacLennan’s review of Wraeththu, over on RPG.net.

The 2009 Origins Awards winners are in!  Stripping away all the crap (non-RPG) categories, basically Mouse Guard won best RPG, beating out D&D 4e, and Serenity Adventures for Firefly won best RPG supplement.  Congrats!

Paizo declares that the PDF version of their Pathfinder RPG main book ($50, coming out at Gen Con) will only be $9.99!  Meanwhile, the WotC assclowns still huddle behind their gated walls, refusing to sell PDFs.

P.S.  We finished up Curse of the Crimson Throne this weekend and faced the Queen and all her various related evils.  Death or glory?  Hint: glory!  The session summary’s coming as soon as I can get to it.

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