Wayfinder #1

If you haven’t yet, you should  definitely check out the first issue of the Wayfinder fanzine (it’s free!) covering the world of Pathfinder.  It’s a beautiful 77-page full color professionally produced e-zine.  There’s fiction, monsters, spells, humor, traits, prestige classes…  All kinds of rules tidbits for 3.5 compatible play and all kinds of resources for those running scenarios or APs in the world of Golarion!

I finally got a chance to read it now that I’ve fixed my computer after a week of pain (pro tip: a normal XP boot disk doesn’t have the drivers required to see a SATA hard drive).  I’m very impressed.    The art is great too.

2 responses to “Wayfinder #1

  1. Hint: Downloading free stuff from Paizo is a little more complicated than click-to-download. Go to the product page, you may have to add it to your cart/check out for it to show up on your “My Downloads” page. Then you have to “Personalize” it before you can download it. “Personalize” doesn’t mean you actually are changing anything, that’s code for “injects a watermark into it so if you become a filthy pirate they know it.”

  2. Except that there are ways to remove a watermark.

    Speaking purely from a hypothetical standpoint, of course.

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