Recently Returned Roundup

Hey all, back from vacation and working up a bunch of back session summaries.  Here’s a quick roundup of stuff that I thought was interesting in RPG land from over the last week…

The Plutomancer, a three-level prestige class for Pathfinder, by Erin Palette (I consulted on it some).  I like mini-prestige classes.  Too many existing p-classes seem like three levels of concept stretched out into ten levels of grind.

Public voting is now open for the ENNies.  Go vote, ideally how I tell you to!

There’s a cool new supplement for Mutants & Masterminds, the OGL superheroes game, called Mecha & Manga.  It brings a mess of anime tropes to the excellent M&M system.  Many of the better old manga-ey systems (Big Eyes, Small Mouth most notably) have passed away, so this is a welcome addition to the strong M&M line.  There’s a bunch of previews to look at over at  Take feats like “Bishonen” or “Kawaii”!  Or even “Ninja Run” or “Sense Murderous Intent,” for your other genres.

There’s also an awesome supplement (though has everything in it to run standalone) for Hero/Champions called Lucha Libre HERO, where psychotronic hits the mainstream!  I liked octaNe and ’45 Hot Rod Retropocalypse, previous psychotronic RPGs which included luchadores as one of their many zany elements.  This one, using the Hero 5th Edition rules, focuses on being a Mexican wrestler and after reading the review I have to say it sounds boss.

The short list for the 2009 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming is out.  Dominion (card game), D&D 4e, Jeepform, Mouse Guard, and Sweet Agatha are in the running.

Oh, and a late addition – just went by my FLGS and they had Hard Helix, an adventure supplement for Mutant City Blues, Pelgrane Press’ RPG of low level supers law enforcement, so I snapped it up.

You are now more well informed if not actually smarter.  Congratulations!

One response to “Recently Returned Roundup

  1. My only advice in terms of the ENnies follows a friend’s advice:
    1) Don’t vote for something if you haven’t played/read/own a copy.
    2) Don’t vote in blocks for games you’ve heard of or games that are produced by a company you like.
    3) Don’t vote against a game because it’s made by a company you dislike. The game is either good or it’s not, don’t tar the game with the idiocy of the company (i.e. just because WotC are morons and you may hate 4E D&D, don’t vote against Star Wars, which is a fairly good game, in my opinion).

    Anyway, those are my two cents.

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