Best Buys At DriveThruRPG Sale

DriveThruRPG is having a “Christmas in July” sale on many of their PDF products.  In fact, so many are on sale it’s pretty hard to navigate them using their fairly basic interface.  So here’s a couple “best buys.”

1.  Star Thugs!  I love this darkly humorous science fiction game, even wrote a review for it.  On sale for $8.

2.  Various from Mongoose Publishing!  There’s a lot of Conan, which is fun.  But even better, there’s the best named RPG supplement ever.  That’s right, “Adolf Hitler – Porn Star,” for Macho Women with Guns.  For $3.36 can you really afford not to own that?

3.  Look out for Charlie in the trees while you conduct a Zippo raid on some hooch in the DMZ with Palladium’s Deluxe Revised Recon, the ultimate Vietnam War RPG!  $7.49 (usually $25).  And also the add-on Advanced Recon for $2.99.

4.  Spycraft stuff for $4.50 a pop from Crafty Games.  I’ll be honest, I loved Spycraft but then version 2 seemed to go for the annoying “huge long list of definitions” school of game design.  And even in 1.0 I thought the “Shadowforce Archer” stuff was way too “over the top”.  But the 1.0 rules, supplements, and adventure were great.  Most of them are here, marked as “Classic Spycraft,” including the splatbooks and the excellent Battlegrounds and Gentleman’s Agreement.

There’s probably a lot more, it’s just that it’s really hard to page through all of it – there are hundreds of products on sale and if you are in the “Christmas in July ” section you can’t use the rest of the faceted nav in the left navbar, you can only use a by-publisher dropdown which in many cases reveals 10+ pages of items.  Go look and report back with your best finds!  I need some to buy ( I have all my picks from above except Advanced Recon.  Yes, that means I already own Adolf Hitler – Porn Star).

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