Alternity “Lighthouse” Session Summaries Posted

We’ve completed two more sessions of our space opera Alternity Star*Drive campaign!

Second Session – After warming up with a bar fight against Old Series Klingons (aka Scotsmen) we misjump into a system right as a VoidCorp warship shows up.  Tense diplomacy ensues as they have been “requested” to come quell some local “pirates”.  We send some destroyers with them, and the more scurrilous characters sneak aboard the pirates’ space station to steal things and get glory for their nations!

Third Session – Sadly, I missed this one, but Bruce made it and did a session summary. The party engages in an exciting parallel space combat (with one set of characters) and ground combat on the space station (with the other set).  Without their resident warlion and Thuldan, the guys on the ground are really bad off, but the space combat went really well!

4 responses to “Alternity “Lighthouse” Session Summaries Posted

  1. Mxyzplk, I have a question. How long are your gaming sessions? I have unfortunately short sessions and I was wondering how much time each of your sessions takes.

  2. Hey man! Sure, probably we go 5 hours on average. We play Sunday afternoons, and gather at noon for those who want to go out to lunch; 1:30 for those who only want to game. We knock off by 7.

  3. Unfortunately, due to family commitments and whatnot, my friends are mainly available at night, even on weekends, so we generally only get about 3 hours a session. And after we all sit down and chat a bit, etc, etc, we generally only have 2 hours of real gaming. It’s a bit of a problem because my metric for gaming has become a little skewed. When someone says that the entire session was combat, that doesn’t surprise me since if you have a half-way interesting scenario, it’s going to take a bit to do that. But if some people game for 4 hours at a time or more, that’s a hell of a long combat. We just don’t get that far in a session. For example, my players have spent the better part of July and August in one big dungeon.

  4. Yeah, that can be a problem. My old gaming group in Memphis was doing weeknights; we’d meet and eat and then go play (the separate meal helps optimize time – people have to eat anyway – and it gets the talking out of the way). Had to be careful not to go TOO late, but we could get 3-4 hrs in.

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