Curse of the Crimson Throne Finale

Crown of Fangs Part III is the campaign finale for the Curse of the Crimson Throne.  Annata, Malcolm, Thorndyke, and Cayen have to depose the evil queen and then stop her weird blood ritual from killing everyone in Korvosa.

For nine months (realtime and, approximately, game time) we’ve been working towards this moment.  Over many battles we’ve learned our own powers and how to work together as a team in perfect concert.  And it all pays off.  We storm Castle Korvosa and liberate it, only to discover the real Queen has already left for an ancient Thassilonian site for her blood ritual.  But the hounds of war have been loosed and distance and sorcery do not deter us from the pursuit of justice.

When everything has settled, we get the rarest of rare things – a real storybook ending.  You’ll have to read the full session summary for the details!

I personally enjoyed this campaign the most of all the ones you see here, and I think the other guys feel the same way.   Using the Pathfinder beta rules, we didn’t have much in the way of rule frustration that mars some of our other games, and the mix of solid roleplaying along with interesting NPCs, sweet locations, and demented foes came out as a totally solid mix.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our tale of the Curse of the Crimson Throne.  Check out our continuing adventures for more fun!

4 responses to “Curse of the Crimson Throne Finale

  1. Woohoo! Thanks matey!
    /prints it out and heads to make breakfast 🙂

  2. What a fantastically hilarious recap. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. No problem, this was totally our favorite campaign so far. We’re alternating Alternity and Savage Worlds now, but are eyeing the schedule for when we can do our next Adventure Path.

  4. Bastards of Erebus sounds right up your alley 😉

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