Pathfinder Hits The Street!

The final version of the Pathfinder RPG is out!  Some of the people in our gaming group got those via mail order or FLGS today, and the $10 PDF version has been released on the Paizo site.  There’s even errata already (for the print, incorporated into the PDF).

Mine isn’t here yet since I went on the cheap and got it through Amazon for the discount 😛

But everyone says it looks great and is eagerly reading through it.  So far, general consensus is that this is the Dungeons & Dragons we want to play!   Our loosely affiliated and overlapping subgroups are now warring for the rights to run Council of Thieves, the first Pathfinder-rules Adventure Path (also hitting streets right now).

If you didn’t preorder, you may not be getting a copy in the first frenzied rush on the stores.  But don’t be sad, more will come, and the PDF is cheap (though there’s a run on that right now too and the usually-sparky Paizo site is way overloaded; they’ve even turned the forums off).

So you can get the game, start getting an AP (the Council of  Thieves Player’s Guide is a free download, check it out) or just try the Crypt of the Everflame, the first Pathfinder module.   There’s also a free Bonus Bestiary download to get started with some monsters; the monster book comes out soon and there’s a free preview of it!  There’s a free 3.5->Pathfinder conversion guide but I don’t know why you’d need it, we ran a 3.5e AP under Pathfinder Beta just off the cuff.

There’s also third party products coming already; I count five on DTRPG including the Tome of Secrets, an accessory by Adamant Entertainment.  And Clinton Boomer’s patronage project is out soon.  And if that worthless sod Nick Logue ever finishes Razor Coast, he says it’s coming out for 3.5e but followed almost immediately by a Pathfinder version.  Not only can you use your old 3.5e stuff, there’s more a’coming!

One response to “Pathfinder Hits The Street!

  1. All good! Thanks for the heads up. We are just starting a new campaign and I will be borrowing heavily from Pathfinder.

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