Final Savage Worlds “Legends of Steel” Session Summary Posted

In Legends of Steel Part IX, our brave heroes take on the invading Yarite army all by themselves, and are laid low by the invulnerable boss riding a demon wyvern.  But first, Manoj’s girlfriend poisons half the party; we strangle that elder from last time for the crime of “douchiness,” and Singh and Manoj are told by the Witch-Queen to “dance for me my little monkeys!”  Enjoy.

I don’t know why the final battle scene only is one page in the summary, it took about 182 hours of real time.

9 responses to “Final Savage Worlds “Legends of Steel” Session Summary Posted

  1. So now that the Legends of Steel campaign is done, what is the next move?

  2. Next, I’m GMing again! (The Alternity adventure is continuing too.) I’m putting together a Pathfinder Pirate campaign using the first two chapters of Second Darkness AP, Freeport material, and Razor Coast if Logue gets it out on time.

  3. Awesome! Gonna have logs for those sessions? I’m getting my pathfinder book this month, can’t wait! I’m also pondering whether I want to run a Sundered Skies game on top of my Deadlands Reloaded/Steampunk game.. Sigh.. Too many games, not enough time.

  4. Definitely will have session summaries. Watch the session summary page for when we get kicked off! First session is in three weeks.

  5. I really enjoyed these Savage Worlds summaries, as it seemed like you guys were having a great time, throwing caution to the wind and just having fun. The Pathfinder stuff seemed as if it were a bit more restrictive. Still, the pirate stuff seems like it’ll be looser and more energetic.

  6. Hrm, yes well… I have to say that in all honesty most of the players were looking for this campaign to wind up, it wasn’t one of our favorites. Maybe what you’re seeing is Bruce’s session summary voice instead of mine, or just that we were screwing off more out of frustration and that seemed entertaining…

  7. Ha! Fair enough. Perhaps it’s a combination of both.

  8. Hey, I really enjoyed your summaries – but unfortunately Part IV doesn’t seem to be working anymore! (WordPress 404 error or something pops up instead)

  9. It’s working for me but WordPress seems to be having some random slowdowns – try again after a bit and see if it’s something transitory.

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