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Final Savage Worlds “Legends of Steel” Session Summary Posted

In Legends of Steel Part IX, our brave heroes take on the invading Yarite army all by themselves, and are laid low by the invulnerable boss riding a demon wyvern.  But first, Manoj’s girlfriend poisons half the party; we strangle that elder from last time for the crime of “douchiness,” and Singh and Manoj are told by the Witch-Queen to “dance for me my little monkeys!”  Enjoy.

I don’t know why the final battle scene only is one page in the summary, it took about 182 hours of real time.

Fifth Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary Posted

Sadly, I was out of town, but the rest of the guys seem to have had a good time in the fifth session of our Alternity campaign.  Our other “B team” characters (ambassadors and other space station hangers-on) swing into action, attending a lovely Void*Corp charity ball and hobnobbing with the rich and famous and buying them drugs.  Meanwhile, our “A team” Concord command staff characters get cut to bits by mutated alien croath thingys down on Meribel.  Then, they spread the plague up to the Lighthouse itself!

Really, a game session that has both strippers and PowerPoint presentations…  How can you resist?

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