Fantastic Fest – Day 7

By skipping the “100 Best Kills” party last night, I got something approaching 8 hours of sleep.  Woot! But then the Alamo ticket line was even longer than it has been on previous days.  Boo.

My lineup for the day:

  • Sweet Karma, a revenge killing movie with, I am told, great gratuitous nudity
  • Yesterday, good old fashioned zombie survival horror
  • Private Eye, a Korean pulp detective film
  • Doghouse, yet more zombie survival horror

I had been planning on Private Eye but then the buzz on Fish Story was so good I was going to switch, but it’s sold out, so back to Private Eye.  Maybe I’ll try standby for Fish Story and fall back if necessary.

Also under consideration was S&M Hunter in the midnight slot – but it turns out it’s not just in the midnight slot, but over at the Alamo Ritz instead of here so would require a time-crunched transition and paying for parking downtown.  That’s two strikes so unless I am feeling REALLY motivated for some softcore tonight I’ll pass.

One response to “Fantastic Fest – Day 7

  1. I’m back and did see Fish Story instead of Private Eye and OMG it was great!!!

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