Fantastic Fest – Day 6

Whew, caught up on my “daily” postings.  Pretty much every day I wake up, drive to the Alamo 2+ hours early to get in line and get tickets, watch movies for 14 hours, drive home, and crash.  Tim, one of the festival’s co-chairs, introduced the first movie of the day with “Welcome to day 17 of Fantastic Fest!” and that’s certainly what it feels like.

What am I seeing today, you ask?  Well, the plan is:

  • Salvage, a British horror/thriller
  • Rampage, by infamous director Uwe Boll.  I wasn’t planning on seeing this but all the buzz I hear from people has been so positive that I’m going to catch it.
  • Ninja Assassin – if I can get in on standby, it sold out quick.  Otherwise, Succubus.
  • Short Fuse, a collection of shorts
  • The 100 Best Kills party, if I don’t feel like going home and to bed at midnight

Yesterday was a success in retrospect; though I wanted to walk out of Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle, both Mandrill and Stingray Sam are sticking with me as high points of the festival.

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