Meet the Reavers – “Serpent” Ref Jorenson, Ulfen Druid

Paul was our GM for the last couple Adventure Paths, but he gets to play this time!  He decided to go with an Ulfen character, the Viking analogue in the world of Golarion.  This somewhat-crazed druid is definitely pirate material.

Serpent Jorenson

serpent“Serpent” Ref Jorenson is an Ulfen man with pale skin that never tans or burns, pale blue eyes, and dark hair.  He is very tall and long of limb and tends to hunch over, making him seem very spiderlike when he moves.  His combat gear is a scimitar and  hide armor.  He has a very large pet constrictor snake called Saluthra.

His father, a man from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, seduced his mother,a beautiful traveller, when he was young; a year later a baby was deposited on his doorstep.  Rumors tell that the woman is a witch or fey from Irrisen.

Ref felt a strong pull towards the sea all his life.  The song of Gozreh compels him to wander the land and sea.  He loves to spin tall tales.

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