Meet the Reavers – Wogan, Chelish Sea-Priest

Wogan, Patrick’s character, is a hearty priest of Gozreh.  Everyone especially loves his illustration and it causes Chris to imitate Yosemite Sam-style pistol firing anytime Wogan makes a pronouncement.


woganWogan is a Chelish man of average height and a bit more than average weight.  Intense black eyes and a full beard braided into tendrils tied with small white bows are his main features.  He usually wears a vest and blue and white vertically striped pantaloons.  When expecting trouble he dons his blue-green studded leather armor, a pair of pistols, boots and his trusty trident.

He was born in a small fishing village near the southern end of the Arch of Aroden.  His father died when Wogan was young, lost to the sea.  His mother lived with his elder brother’s family.  He has a younger sister whom he hasn’t seen in years as she was married to a man from the Chelaxian interior.  After his mother died, there was nothing holding Wogan to his small village so he signed up with the first passing ship as a healer and sea-priest.  It’s easy enough for him to find work; every ship wants a Gozran priest if they can get one.

Wogan’s hobbies include fishing, drinking, and placating the fickle god Gozreh.

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