Pathfinder Adventures – The Future Is Bad Ass

They’ve announced some of the upcoming adventures and APs and there’s some crazy sweetness coming down the pike. (Note: “pike” is the correct use of that phrase, you illiterate monkeys.)

Paizo announced an adventure path for next year that makes me salivate – “The Serpent’s Skull“, set in Sargava and the Mwangi Expanse (Golarion’s Africa), dealing with the Pirate Lords of the Shackles, the Red Mantis assassins, the Aspis Consortium merchant guild, serpentfolk…  I was planning for the later part of the homebrew campaign I’m running now, Reavers on the Seas of Fate, to end up exactly there doing exactly that!   I’m sad that I’ll have to make up mine before they come out with theirs.  This AP will be hell on wheels, and I’m really excited about it.  It’s paired with a Companion about Sargava...  I hope the fabled Silverback King makes an appearance somewhere in all this!

The AP prior to that one should be fun too.  Once the current one, Council of Thieves, ends, the next one is called Kingmaker and is supposed to be more sandboxey, with the PCs looking to gain a kingdom of their own among the warlords and miscreants of the River Kingdoms.

Those who don’t like whole Adventure Paths aren’t left out.  Monte Cook is writing an adventure called Curse of the Riven Sky…  There’s one called From Shore To Sea that deals with the Azlant (Atlanteans) and their deep one heritage, and it’s being designed as an Open Design project and you can buy patronage and have input into it!  Or, even sooner, the Lovecraftian Carrion Hill.

Until those hit, the 3.x adventure landscape is still rich.  Goodman Games is rereleasing a bunch of 3/5e PDFs, including their Wicked Fantasy Factory line which I really liked.  And Sinister Adventures’ hotly anticipated mega-adventure The Razor Coast should be coming out before the end of the year.  3.x publishing is seeing a resurgence as companies realize that a) publishing for 4e, with the closed DDI and all, sucks and b) it’s not some small fringe that is going Pathfinder and/or sticking with 3.5e, but a pretty sizable market.

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