D&D Players: Online Predators or Online Prey?

The Thurston County Sheriff Department warns in this helpful posting [edit: they seem to have taken it down, but here’s the Google cached version] that those who indulge in “fantasy adventure games such as Dungeons & Dragons” are showing a warning sign of “possible computer crime problems.”  Along with an unusual vocabulary consisting of “computer terms, satanic phrases, sexual references…”  Or you have files ending in “GIF, JPG, BMP…” on your computer.  All this means you are likely to be victimized by online criminals.

What the hell?

Come on guys, the D&D players were the feared ones, the ones who were going to be the demented criminals, back in the ’70s and ’80s.  Who is wussing it up so much that we’re victims now?!?  That’s what we get for letting up on the Satanic killings.

To be fair this seems to be a pretty old posting.  So we still have time to reclaim the 2000’s as the bad guys and not as easy marks for Internet predators.  Roll a d20 and get out there and burn something down!  Quick!

(Courtesy Fark)

6 responses to “D&D Players: Online Predators or Online Prey?

  1. To hell with D&D….it’s those Trade Wars players you gotta look out for.

  2. 70s and 80s… beware the old school… 😉

  3. “The “Information Super Highway,” which is made up of commercial online services such as Prodigy, America Online, CompuServe, and the Internet, allows millions of people around the world to communicate anonymously in a virtually uncontrolled electronic world.”

    Prodigy & CompuServe? When the hell was that written?

  4. The first link worked just fine for me.
    I doubt they ever pulled it down. I think they just couldn’t handle the traffic to their site that resulted from putting up “Children and Computers: The Hidden Dangers “

  5. I was last with CompuServe in 1997 for a month while I was waiting for the transition from Cable to DSL. Prodigy was the ISP side for the DSL, so all of the server addresses were in Prodigy’s namespace, and that was until the DSL provider moved to Yahoo! for their ISP.

    Back in High School, D&D and the other FRPGs were banned as “satanic”, so we couldn’t play them at all on campus, either privately, or in the “Games Club” (it’s not just for chess anymore).

  6. Ooo, in highly relevant news Topless Robot has a great news clip from 1985 about D&D’s role in a robbery homicide and general dangerousness. Let’s take it back!

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