Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 14 Posted

Fourteenth Session – We struggle through the usual subplots until we get to a pretty cool new planet named Yellowsky.  There are Stoneburner ruins on it and the more scurrilous characters decide they need a good looting!

But first, the command staff deals with trying to figure out what is up with the ten different dangerous, questionably related, mostly mysterious alien races we’re dealing with.  There’s klicks and kroath and i’krl and teln and some dwarfy ones and some big ones…  Kind of a lot of different ones for them to *all* be mysterious and unknown.  As in real life, we find most of what there is to know from the Internet.

The ruins crawl was good interstellar explorer fun.  We must have rolled 100 Perception checks to search the place.

Sadly, next time we’ll be down four characters (two players).  Bruce (Lambert Fulson/Taveer) got a job in Dallas and had to move away, and Peco (Adun Zelnaga/Ivan Stukoff) is on the spin cycle towards his impending marriage and won’t have spare time for a couple months.  It means we have basically zero in the techie department – Taveer and Adun were our key people there.  We need a Velma!

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