RPG Superstar 2010 Moves Into Round Three

Every year, Paizo Publishing holds a RPG design competition, open to all who care to enter, called RPG Superstar.  They have a set of prominent RPG designers judge the entries and winnow the crowd down to a smaller and smaller set of contestants.  It’s like fantasy Survivor!

Anyway, one of the best parts is that the stuff the contestants create is there for the using on the Web site.  Round One got us a mess of wondrous items, and rounds Two and Three will get us some cool monsters.  In the end, the winner gets a gig writing an adventure for Paizo!

It’s a great way to generate interest, promote innovation in your customer base, and in general demonstrate that they are the anti-…  Well, I was going to say WotC, but really about half the RPG companies out there seem to actively disdain their fans.

Anyway, it’s too late to enter this year, but those of you that harbor dreams of fame can plan ahead.  And raid the excellent content – not just from this year but from RPG Superstar 2009 and RPG Superstar 2008 as well!  Innovative!  Fan-friendly!  Consistent!  Have we entered a second golden age of gaming, or what?

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