Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide In Final Playtest

Paizo, in their traditionally open and fan-friendly way, have been offering the six new PC classes from the upcoming Advanced Player’s Guide for public playtest!  They have taken the feedback into account and have released a final playtest version, freely downloadable from  Comments are still open till Feb 15, when they’ll bake ’em and print ’em!

Boy, there’s a lot of great Pathfinder news this week.


One response to “Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide In Final Playtest

  1. I have proposed a series of changes — house rules, really — to the Witch to address what I feel are deficiencies and basic WTFness. It can be found here and I look forward to your comments.

    (Apologies if bugger the link; not sure if you use HTML or BBCode here.)

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