Black Powder Weaponry Rules, Razor Coast, and More

Check out these awesome black gunpowder weapons rules for Pathfinder published as a free preview for LPJ Design’s upcoming “Pirates of the Bronze Sky.”

Do they look familiar?  They should, since they’re the firearms rules I put up here some months ago!  Woot!   Thanks to Louis Porter for putting me in print!  I can’t wait for the full product to come out, it’s looking to be loads of fun.

Meanwhile, I’m working as a proofer on Sinister Adventures‘ much-delayed Nick Logue mega-adventure Razor Coast.  Nick finally realized he was never going to get it all done himself so has handed it over to Lou Agresta to take it from manuscript to product.  He has quickly mobilized forces and put a process in place that I’m convinced will finally get this puppy out in a decent timeframe.  See the Sinister forums for updates.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for pirate adventures.  Heck, now that Green Ronin is going to be doing a Pathfinder version of their Freeport book, it’s a new Golden Age of D&D piracy!  I’m already running my own Pathfinder version of the Freeport Trilogy.

So right now, I’m a busy boy – please forgive the lighter than usual blog-posting regimen!

2 responses to “Black Powder Weaponry Rules, Razor Coast, and More

  1. Congratulations for getting into print!

    Great news on the Razor Coast, too. I’ve been waiting to lay hands on that puppy for nearly two years – indeed, I remember talking about my plans to do it with Freeport back in Ropecon 2008 with Chris Pramas.

    Soon, the stars will be right, oh yes!

  2. Thanks for the firearm rules link.

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