Boston Herald Joins Fox News In The Hell Of Douchey Reporters

In a lovely hearkening back to sensationalist reporting from the 1980s, Laurel Sweet of the Boston Herald has, via diligent investigative reporting, determined that Dungeons & Dragons is linked to not only recent campus killer Amy Bishop’s slayings, but other ones as well!  It must be a vast role-playing kill conspiracy.

And I for one welcome the return of our notoriety.  I think it’s about time we get the respect and fear given to biker gangs.  Some bozo messing with you in a store or bank?  “Well, I need to get this taken care of before I go to my D&D game…”  Watch them pale in fear, lest you start shooting everyone in the room just like your fourth level rogue would!

7 responses to “Boston Herald Joins Fox News In The Hell Of Douchey Reporters

  1. The comments are an uplifting read after such a stupid article. At least the first two pages.

    And biker gangs: Southpark S13E12
    You should -maybe- rethink the concept.

  2. That headline looks like it got attacked by Jack the Ripper. It’s one syllable and two words short of meaning what they’d like it to mean. Not only do they fail at journalism, they also fail at English.

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  4. Who’s gonna mess with D&D now?

    If I play Savage Worlds, do I get the same respect?

  5. I think “Douchey” and “24/7 news-cycle reporter” are pretty much synonymous.

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