New d20 Modern Patronage Project

Last month I wrote about the state of modern d20 gaming and mentioned there might be a project in the works to update it for Pathfinder.  Well, the project is up and taking donations!  It’s being done as a patronage project by Super Genius Games, which consists of Owen K.C. Stephens, Stan!, and R. Hyrum Savage.  They’re calling it “P20 Modern.”

Follow along and see how it goes!  I liked d20 Modern OK and think it could be done a lot better, and it’s a great time to take it on.

2 responses to “New d20 Modern Patronage Project

  1. Oh, and great work to Paul on taking up session summary duty!

    They figured out the seven deadly sin tie-in pretty quickly but it was entertaining as they tried to figure out who was what and some players don’t remember all the sins offhand. “Uh, so far we have lust, gluttony, pride, prejudice, sarcasm, and hot interracial action… Which one are we missing?”

  2. This project is dead, but the community for d20 Modern lives on at

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