Make A Random Generation Table, Get Fame And A T-Shirt

Cool!  Mega-genre site Topless Robot is having a contest in which you make a helpful RPG random generation table, like unto the old Random Harlot Table from AD&D 1e.  Go, enter, win!  There’s a bunch of entries already but they’re mostly lame.  We need some real RPGers to weigh in!

9 responses to “Make A Random Generation Table, Get Fame And A T-Shirt

  1. Indeed, the lame was strong over there. Thanks for the link, though. Threw together a table of my own for it.

  2. Already submitted a loving tribute to old-school dungeon craziness.

  3. Whereas my entry was just about old-school craziness in general.

  4. Good luck all! I didn’t submit one – I thought about it but inspiration just didn’t strike.

  5. Let’s see if my weather table makes it there

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