I’m A Fourth Level Badass

Slow progression is the order of the day in my Reavers on the Seas of Fate campaign.  The PCs are fourth level, and that’s after 24 long, hardcore sessions.  They may get level 5 soon, but no promises.

But everyone’s sent me their character sheets, and there’s nothing soft about these PCs!  When you really settle in to a level and live in it, you learn how to kick ass without always chasing that new kewl power (tm WotC).

Here’s their character sheets – feel free and use them as a pirate crew to strike fear into your PCs – just make sure they’re about 7th level or else they might get their fool throats cut.

Serpent Jorenson, CN Ulfen Druid 2/Ranger 2 – He specializes in the quarterstaff beat-down.  Especially versus humans.  That’s two attacks at +9/+9 for 2d6+7/2d6+5 when he has shillelagh on! And his pet snake Saluthra is ridiculously effective; the bite + grab + constrict dishes out 20-30 points of damage first round easy.
Girlfriend: Samaritha Beldusk, half-elf Cyphermage

Sindawe Narr, LE Mwangi Monk 4 – Yes, he’s really AC 24. And no, I don’t know why he has half a page of “sex manuevers” on his character sheet. I had no idea about that till right now. No wonder a goddess made love to him.
Girlfriend: Mama Watanna, an old (?) voodoo lady (?)

Wogan, N Chelaxian Cleric 4 – He keeps them all healed. He’s not hell on wheels in combat, but he likes to summon critters and has some guns that he can bust a cap in you with. And I notice he has a Wand of Eagle Slender. Apparently that increases your charisma by making you more svelte and athletic looking.
Girlfriend: His deity Gozreh provides his only sexual release

Tommy Blacktoes, NE Halfling Rogue 4 – Not one of those new style “striker/DPS” thieves, Tommy’s more of a skilled burglar and con man. +17 in some of those thief skills at level 4. I didn’t know that was possible.  Watch your nipples when he’s around.
Girlfriend: Lavender Lil, tiefling hooker

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4 responses to “I’m A Fourth Level Badass

  1. I find it funny that we all use completely different character sheet formats…
    As far as girlfriends go, we don’t have any clearly good ones. No one trusts Samaritha anymore, and there was never any physical relationship with Serpent. No one really knows what Mama Watanna wants, and Sindawe has only been with her once. Wogan just rolls around in the surf. I really think the best is Lavender Lil. She gives Tommy sex and affection whenever he is in port and wants it, and her rates are imminently affordable.

  2. True, Tommy gets the mostest, but Serpent could too. Afterall, Samaritha is around 24/7 and drops “relationship” hints.
    I voted for Samaritha. The entire party thinks she’s an “Evil Girlfriend” despite a lack of overt acts in that direction. Anyway, it is common yet unproven knowledge that Evil Girlfriends provide the best sex. And she has accompanied the party on 3-4 adventures AND been useful.

  3. I think you are right on the money about progression by the book in 4e; you get so many powers so fast that often you have a power for 2 or 3 levels before truely learning how to maximize it.

  4. Hmm, almost three years later and the PCs are seventh level. A level a year? I’m slipping.

    And they all have the same girlfriends – in fact, Serpent and Samaritha got married!

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