Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 27 Posted

Twenty-seventh Session – We go to a system called Lucullus that is run by various criminal gangs.  As that is a clear challenge to our roguishness, we pull off a complicated casino heist on the Mafia!  Eat that Lucullans!

I enjoyed this session – Lenny, Ten-zel, Markus, and Peppin work well together and we got to freeform plan our heist.  I like it when there’s a sandboxey setup – the event was being prepared according to a schedule, so we could be proactive, reactive, etc. based purely on our own merits and inclination.

Probably my favorite part, though, was after the “hot librarian” female Mafia security expert came and set up the casino’s security (we surveilled her the whole time), Ten-zel called up some hookers and got one that looked like her and was dressed exactly like her.  I said, “Brilliant!  What’s the plan?”  I figured he had some elaborate sting in mind and that we’d use the doppleganger to somehow compromise the casino’s security.  His response?  “Well, uh, I just kinda wanted to bang a chick that looked like that lady.”  I think “consternation” is the best word to describe my reaction to that.  And of course he just had them come to the front door – of the abandoned building next door our listening post was in.  As the Mafia security goons headed towards us, I said “I’m going upstairs to hide our equipment; you’d better bluff them out of here or I’m going to shoot them and you.”  He got them out of there, though.

The rest was too many meetings with too many functionaries to wreak diplomacy upon them.  It kinda bothers me that despite the huge Imminent Alien Holocaust, every single faction of NPCs everywhere is sitting around jerking off and have to be convinced via doing crap for them to get on board.  I mean, some of that is fine, but shouldn’t there also be people wildly in favor of it?  That can provide complications too (“We should attack NOW!!!”  “No, wait…”) but so far we’re starting to lose respect for pretty much the entire population of the Verge.  I find myself thinking, “So if these yokels get their asses enslaved by aliens, it’s probably what they deserve.”  I don’t want to feel that way, but when every single person you meet is a helpless, passive, venal snarfhocker…  Sure, NPCs shouldn’t outclass the PCs and we should be the drivers of the adventure and all that, but when other characters are too milquetoast  it threatens your attachment to the in-game world.

One response to “Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 27 Posted

  1. It’s a fine line to walk, isn’t it? Too active and capable an NPC, and many PCs (bafflingly) are willing to sit back and ‘let that guy do it.’ Too inactive or inept, and many want to just let them get wiped out by whatever.
    It doesn’t leave a GM much room to maneuver.

    Perhaps a “You live in this ‘world,’ too” t-shirt?

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