It’s Fantastic Fest Time Again!

Last year, I decided to take a week off work and go watch movies!  There’s a genre film festival here in Austin called Fantastic Fest, and I was burned out, and didn’t have money to go far, so I thought that would be a good fit.  And it was, in fact, it was incredible!  Zombies!  Martial Arts!  Horror!  The Japanese!  Other Furriners!  More Zombies!  I loved it.

Thus, I’m going back this year.  Expect to hear less gaming stuff and more movie stuff for the next week.

Here’s a recap from my FF ’09 experience, with all the films I saw and the ratings I give them!

Also, this year you can follow along even if you aren’t coming.  A lot of the premieres – Let Me In, Buried – are coming out super soon.  And four of the movies are available on demand from IFC Midnight at the same time they play at the festival.

I’ll blog along as I go so you can all enjoy too!

3 responses to “It’s Fantastic Fest Time Again!

  1. Already? I still haven’t watched most of your recommendations from last year, as they didn’t get released over here!

  2. Yeah, many didn’t get released here either 🙂 You can see some of them on Netflix live streaming if that’s available wherever “here” is… This year it looks like there’s more mainstream releases being featured, as well.

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