Entertaining RPG Scene Drama of the Week

Ron Edwards has declared that the Forge is going into its “Winter phase” and eventually to die.  He considers this a huge victory.  For all of you younger than ~35 years old, “Ron Edwards” is a guy who has designed a couple small press RPGs and the Forge is his vanity forum.

This of course caused his arch-nemesis the RPGPundit to revel in Edward’s massive failure and diminishing stature.

Of course RPG.net, which was the home to much of the initial drama back say ten years ago, is all atwitter, since arguing over imaginary things is way more important than real gaming over there.  Up to 57 pages on one thread already!

I don’t really have a point here, just sharing links that are funny as shit.

3 responses to “Entertaining RPG Scene Drama of the Week

  1. It is always good to know the RPG industry is so supportive of different views.

  2. Yay! I am out of the controvery loop! But then I just was debating an off-kilter group of questionable actors.

    This particular squabble is really sad. Why the fangs and claws come out when someone like Ron Edwards makes a decision and people come out of the woodwork to leap at him is beyond me. Ron Edwards has done more for indie rpgs than anyone. Even if one doesn’t always agree with him or play his games, anyone who knows anything about roleplaying should at least acknowledge his contribution to the hobby. I think the only other name seen as much is Colin Chapman, who is also an enormous contributor to the hobby.

  3. What exactly has Ron contributed, though? All of his grand ideas were someone else’s first. He simply wrote about them with big made-up words and took credit for them.

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