Pimp Your Cavalier

LPJ Design is one of the major publishers of third party products for Pathfinder.  New from them is a set of new orders and feats and whatnot for one of the fun new classes in the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide (and the free online SRD now), the Cavalier.

Goth girl and friend of the blog Erin Palette is the author, and had me look it over while it was in work, and it’s good stuff.  I like her new orders, some of them better than the core ones published with the class initially. You can check out a free sample of two new cavalier orders (one of which isn’t even in the product, so it’s a combo preview and Web enhancement) here.

If you like it, spring the slim $1.25 for the full version of Undefeatable 21, Cavalier!

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