Paizo Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale – Hit It Now!

They have a lot of great stuff on sale at in their Black Friday sale! Real print products from a wide variety of companies!

For example, the Goodman Games Wicked Fantasy Factory adventures I used in Reavers are $1-$2 each, as are the Green Ronin Bleeding Edge adventures.  And they have big heavily discounted bundles of Adventure Path stuff – get an entire back AP with support books for one low price (or individual ones you’re missing for half off), or a set of themed supplements and adventures! And stuff for all kinds of other game systems, from Warhammer Fantasy 2e to Babylon 5.  There’s old Dragon and Dungeon magazines… Adventures, minis, flip-mats, cute Cthulhus – you can get it all!

6 responses to “Paizo Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale – Hit It Now!

  1. I’m not sure why I assumed this was a PDF-only sale. Good thing I clicked over anyway. Terra Primate for $2? Yes, please!

  2. I got a bunch of Starship Troopers and XCrawl stuff that I had resisted before, but now that they’re all like $1.50 each, hell yeah I loaded up!

  3. Damn shipping and handling.

    Was going to grab all the Starship Trooper stuff, but can’t stomach paying $40 in shipping for $11.50 in books.

  4. Bonus sale – all Adamant Entertainment PDFs $1 for just a couple more days at RPGNow!

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