The Two Ultimate Pathfinder Links

As a public service, I thought I’d reiterate the two links you need if you are playing Pathfinder (besides and this blog of course!).  Apparently not everyone knows about them, and one has moved!

The Pathfinder SRD, which has all the OGL rules from Paizo (pretty much all of it) and a variety of third parties. If you need to look up a rule, here you go! It’s always kept super up to date, even new beta playtest stuff shows up here ASAP, as well as sometimes links to useful rulings from the Paizo boards, etc.

The Pathfinder Wiki, which has a primer on the entire setting of Golarion.  Beware – it moved without warning and the old site is still up! If you are using a address, stop, switch to Up until today even I have been misrouting people in my blogroll. I have tried to figure out how to contribute a couple times and have run away, tail between my legs – I couldn’t even figure out how to leave a forum post saying “set up a redirect or something guys” in their system.  But it’s a great place to search for that mostly-forgotten reference or link your players to in order to get them briefed on a country or something.

Oh, heck, here’s a third link.  No, not the Pathfinder Database, for fan created content, which I wish well and all but there’s just not a lot of quality content there so I don’t use it. But this is my #3 go to for Pathfinder…

Hero Lab, the best character builder tool for Pathfinder, many hands down.  I don’t build NPCs above 3rd level without it.  I’ve tried PCGen and RPGXplorer but IMO those weren’t any more helpful than doing it myself.  Now, it’s for pay, and they’ll charge you for each additional bit of rules they add from the various Paizo stuff, but they’re “official” so they do have it all. I wish all the NPCs from the APs were downloadable from somewhere, that would be a huge time saver. One of our players even uses it at the table to roll and apply conditions to his PC.

12 responses to “The Two Ultimate Pathfinder Links

  1. I’m going to make a small plug here for a project I’m working on.

    Venture Captain

    It’s a free, online character creator. It’s in beta/development, but there is a lot there already. All the core classes, feats, and skills are currently working and tonight (app. 22:00 EST) there will be an update that adds all the core rule book weapons to the interface (but not the sheet, look for that next week).

    Once your character is created, you can save it to PDF character sheet. Though as of right now, there is no way for a character to persist, that is a feature I want to add once I get all the kinks out of the app itself.

    Again, it’s in beta, so I’m counting on users to help me work the bugs out and polish the interface, but I plan on keeping it free to use.

  2. I’ll second Mad Brew’s mentioning of Venture Captain. That app has the potential to be the single greatest Pathfinder Character generation resource available (as soon as its complete.) As it is the tool is already very strong and Mad Brew (Michael) continues very aggressively plugging away at it.

    Oh and, thanks for the kind words about We aim to please! Side note… the Ennies are coming up… IF we get nominated I hope you’ll help spread the word! 🙂

  3. Hi mxyzplk,
    Thanks for leaving your detailed message on the PathfinderWiki forums about the confusion surrounding our recent changes. I left you a more detailed answer there. Always good to hear what issues people are having with it.


    BrOp (Alex)

  4. Aw, no shout out for the Archives of Nethys? ( Similar to the d20PFSRD, except it is only Paizo released mechanics (for those DMs that prefer to just use first-party materials). Has all the non-core material ever released by Paizo. 🙂

    • Also a good reference, thanks for the link!

      Maybe one of these days I’ll get motivated and write a little JavaScript faceted navigation sniblet – it seems like the SRD would reduce to the Archive as long as you could filter, and even within the Archive it would be nice to be able to filter/sort e.g. the feat table easily – multiple select checkboxes for sources, etc.

      • Already a work in progress, actually. 🙂 In my free time I’m slowly moving every mechanic into a SQL server (which will be much quicker once my current contract at work is up). After that’s done, I’ll convert the site into a .NET and add a filter to each page, allowing people to only show content from X book, or content related to X skill, or content allowed by PFS play.

        I’m hoping to get it done before this year’s PaizoCon, but make no promises. 🙂

  5. Check out the “DBs” over on There is a NPC DB, that I do, which has all the stat blocks from all hte Pathfinder APs on up.

    • I don’t see the section you mean. Can’t find a “DBs section” (besides the spell db, feats db, etc, which I tend to not use because you can’t search them) and under NPCs I don’t see anything like that…

      • If you download as an excel doc you can sort. Not the best I know. Out of curiosity, what would you like to sort on?
        If you’d like to the real DBs, in SQL Server, I’d be willing to email my backups. You can restore them and write all the SQL queries you want. chopswil at comcast dot net

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