Call of Cthulhu News

Seems like the hoary old tome is still squirming – news is that a Call of Cthulhu Seventh Edition is coming out, maybe in time for GenCon! As usual it won’t be that different from previous eds. but may have some innovations.

And this is cool coming on the heels of the new The Laundry RPG, which is based on some Charles Stross novels where a British buraeucracy tries to combat Lovecraftian horror and budget cuts. Dark horror/comedy, and BRP-based like CoC is.

What is it about Cthulhu games and shitty Web sites?  Cubicle 7’s main site doesn’t even mention The Laundry and Chaosium’s site hasn’t mentioned jack in ages.

I just bought a couple of the new third party licensed Call of Cthulhu modules myself, Murder of Crows and The Doom From Below by Stan! of Super Genius Games – and their Web site actually lists the products, so that’s a leg up right there. And they’re decent – not awe-inspiring, but serviceable Cthulhu adventures, and linked together to boot. I might just have to dust off my old Scooby Doo Cthulhu characters and take these for a drive.

In non-BRP Cthulhu news, Trail of Cthulhu has a dizzying number of supplements published now and there are more on the way. Shadows of Cthulhu (True20) and Realms of Cthulhu (Savage Worlds) don’t seem to be doing much, though they promise some adventures for Realms soon.

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