Terror Is Coming… To Pathfinder

Waiting for just that right time to get in on the Paizo Adventure Path subscriptions?  Well this might be it. They are about to begin their newest Adventure Path, called Carrion Crown, and it’s going to be a big ol’ Ravenloft-esque Gothic horror fest. Its blurb:

“The Cult of the Whispering Way weaves a wide-ranging conspiracy throughout the horror-tinged lands of Ustalav aimed at freeing the Lich King Tar-Baphon, better known as the Whispering Tyrant, from his eternal prison in the dungeon of Gallowspire. Their debased rites and malicious schemes set werewolf against vampire, ghost against terror from beyond time and space in a thrilling campaign that touches upon themes of classic horror and dark swords and sorcery!”

You can go download the free Player’s Guide and see what you’ll be getting into. Subscribe now and they’ll ship  you each installment as soon as it drops, you’ll get a 30% discount, and you’ll get the PDFs free.

3 responses to “Terror Is Coming… To Pathfinder

  1. Lets here it for a Gothic Horror Adeventure Path! I do belive this one is going to sale like gangbusters.

  2. Well, it’s a bit gothic horror, but I’m told it’s also got some mi-go in it!

  3. I .. so.. can’t.. WAIT!

    I’m not big on total sandbox a’la Kingmaker (even tho I’m GMing it to 7 people group). In fact my reduced Wednesday group of 3 PCs loves Council of Thieves in spite of not such good comments on the boards.

    I just love *stories* and paizo guys know how to set the stage and make it exiting 😀

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