XCrawl Is Coming… To Pathfinder

I just ran across this post on the Goodman Games forum – the new version of XCrawl will be powered by Pathfinder!

I ran my first game of XCrawl recently and found it to be a lot of fun.  Here’s the play report. It’s like a kinda modern day game where dungeon crawling is the most popular professional (blood)sport.

They considered using 4e, but WotC’s cunning plan to have their license say you can’t use a modern setting with real world place names makes it impossible.  As one forum poster said, “Oh well, Happy accident then.  suck it WOTC” [sic].

One response to “XCrawl Is Coming… To Pathfinder

  1. Well with all that 4E money they made, Goodman Games should be good to go with this.

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