Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Two, Eighth Session

Eighth Session (8 page pdf) – “The Devil’s Elbow” – The PCs make some unlikely allies as they brave a remote island seemingly inhabited by beings from beyond time and space. All this and more, in the latest installment of Reavers on the Seas of Fate.

The PCs shack up with Clegg Zincher in an unlikely alliance.  Tommy really, really wants to kill Zincher, to the point where his player’s emailing me lengthy assassination plots to ask what I think about them. But apparently he and his men are the only other people on this Godforsaken island.I had fun with the players’ interaction with  him.  He doesn’t hate them like they hate him, he’s on top and they work for some guy he has had to put in his place a couple times.  Just business from his point of view.  And whenever the players got too sassy I had him just let out a big wiseguy “Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

Plus, Tommy was suffering from void death from the bite of the tentacle-dogs. He was remarkably submissive about being strapped to a cot in the infirmary tent with two other infected as a precautionary measure.  Sindawe kindly decided to go in there and sit up with him.

My chase rules come in handy in all kinds of circumstances – the PCs got attacked by tentacle dogs in the woods and hightailed it to the beach. They did well and got to the sand just as the dogs attacked.  I then made Arbitrary Surf Checks – the waves came in and out, moving the water line up and back 1d6 squares each round. That made it lively.

The rest was just island exploration. Slow paced, but I like mixing up big action pieces with lulls that build tension. Next time, a big finish!

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