Alternity to Feng Shui Conversion

Here’s a little something I started working on in the year 2000 (!) and just found and decided to finish off.  It’s a conversion of Alternity to the Feng Shui system.  Feng Shui is the RPG of action movie roleplaying and has a nice fast system, one that it’s easy to teach people at the beginning of a convention game, for example.  Alternity’s system has its charms but it’s heavy crunch and requires time investment to learn. Anyway, it’s a simple stat + skill vs difficulty system, with a positive and negative d6 roll applied (stat + skill + d6 – d6) – fast and reasonably normalized, and you intuitively know you can hit a difficulty equal to your stat+skill on average.

I’d like to hear comments on the conversion and how it could be made better.  Here it is for your reading pleasure!


6 responses to “Alternity to Feng Shui Conversion

  1. I don’t know Alternity enough to know if this is a good conversion, but I am surprised to see you convert to Feng Shui; although I loved the setting, and some of the little knobs and dials within the system, the rules as a whole really grated with me when I ran it, and they seemed to get in the way of the mood they were trying — and in some places succeeding — to evoke.

    If I ran it today, I’d probably use Savage Worlds, although I know you’ve had your issues with that one in the past!

  2. Hm? No, Feng Shui is IMO the pinnacle of RPG system design, it’s what sold me on Robin Laws being a game design genius. I ran a lot of it and never had any rules complaints, except for Big Bruisers who had trouble hitting bosses, I guess. The original fast, furious, fun. Especially the core mechanic (which is like FATE but without the retardodice) provides moderate normalization and is super fast.

    • Interesting. I’d agree that the core mechanic is a very good one, and there were — as I mentioned above — lots of fun little mechanics that did a very good job of evoking the appropriate mood, but there were also bits and pieces that got in the way. The awful initiative system was one, as was the overly complex kung fu power tree; I ignored the former, and the latter put off all my players, so didn’t ever have martial artist characters. We still had good fun with it, and we played it for ages, but it’s not something I’d ever go back to and play as is.

      • But you know, if you had a different experience with it, that’s just fine, etcetera and so on. I wouldn’t want to start an argument over something so small!

  3. Different strokes. I will have to do Feng Shui week soon!

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