Open Design Pathfinder Projects

Well, sadly it appears that the Open Design project I signed up for, Dark Deeds in Freeport, is dead and soon to be refunded.  That’s sad because I want more Freeport stuff. Ah well maybe Green Ronin will get off their licensed-properties ass sometime soon and do it themselves. (Update: the author has turned something in, it might be on again after all!)

In better news, there’s a new Pathfinder Open Design project on Kickstarter called Journeys To The West: A Pathfinder RPG Voyage. As I am running a nautical campaign in general this sounds good, and I’m planning a voyage out Azlant/Arcadia way and this seems like that with the serial numbers filed off. I’m already using their great From Shore To Sea and Sunken Empires. And it seems like it has a lot of momentum – it’s more than doubled its initial commitment number and there’s a lot of cool extras that will be included now. But hurry, you have only 4 days to sign up before the kickstart closes!

5 responses to “Open Design Pathfinder Projects

  1. “maybe Green Ronin will get off their licensed-properties ass sometime soon and do it themselves.”

    If there is not enough interest in freeport to support a patronage project, why in the world would a company want to loose money on a retail product?

    • There was more than enough interest and it made; but after a couple months after initiation the designer had some sort of medical problems and dropped out. They thought he was back but apparently not.

  2. @mxyzplk: That doesn’t make any sense. If your writer flakes, you hire another one. They are MORE than enough qualified people who are looking for freelance who could handle that job. I think Steve’s answer is more likely a little more realistic.

  3. Hey, I don’t like it being cancelled, but there’s no need for inter-3pp sniping. They have talent, who is all lined up to do other stuff and their slate is full. They could keep going, but since it’s been a long time and would be a long time till they delivered, rather than have a lame duck project going a year past its due date they’re cancelling and keeping effort on healthy ones. I don’t have a beef with that, and I am not shy about telling companies when I have a beef with them. I will say “I told you so” in terms of people that told me I was being overly shy about patronage projects because “Sure, Logue and others fold on them but look at Open Design, it always comes through…” But in this case they are promptly refunding everyone. (I wouldn’t mind a status bump on Journeys for the inconvenience, but…)

  4. Actually, sounds like Dark Days is back on, the otherwise silent author turned over a manuscript! Refunds cancelled (unless you really want one…).

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